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Guarantee & Contract

Notice: This is a very brief overview of my puppy contract & guarantee. This is neither all inclusive nor meant to replace the actual signed document.

* * * * *

-I provide a 2 year hip/health guarantee, signed contract, and individual AKC registration papers with each new puppy.

-Puppies are guaranteed to be free of any congenital crippling hip/elbow displaysia up to 2 years of age. If by 2 years of age your pup is diagnosed with congenital crippling hip/elbow displaysia by a mutually agreed upon Vet, I will replace your dog with a new puppy of equal or lesser value from an upcoming litter.

-Puppies/Dogs are guaranteed physically healthy upon your receipt of the animal.

-All pups and grown dogs are vaccinated with age appropriate immunizations as well as appropriate heartworm and worming medications as necessary.

-I will take any pup back no questions asked during it's lifetime if you can no longer keep it, and it will be placed in a new home.  Buyer agrees that they will contact me if/when they can no longer keep the puppy/dog  and NOT place any puppies/dogs from me in a shelter, rescue, pound, or other facility.

-Visitors are welcome by appointment. References are available upon request.

Reservation & Prices

PRICES: Puppies are individually priced. Prices vary due to individuality, gender and overall quality of the litter.

RESERVATIONS: A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your pup & gender choice. The remaining balance is due upon pick up of your puppy. You will be given a signed receipt and scheduled date for pickup.


Discounts may be given to Law Enforcement, Military, Fire, or other Public Safety veterans that are challenged with various service related disabilities. PTSD, physical/emotional traumas and/or challenges, etc. Please contact me for more information.

Law Enforcement Agencies

I am willing to donate 1 or 2 of my "top pick" puppies from each litter to approved Law Enforcement agencies free of charge. The following is required to qualify...

1. A letter on department, city, or federal letterhead outlining the plans, training, and intentions for the dog which must be dated and signed by a Chief, Sheriff, or high ranking Department Administrator.

2. Proof of funding for the K9 program

3. Proof of insurance for the K9 program

4. Contact information of the instructor and/or facility where you will be sending the dog for training.

5. Upon retirement the dog may live out his remaining life with his handler or be returned to me for placement.

6. I don't provide any training. I only provide the puppy or adult dog as a donation to your department.